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Biennial Transponder Inspection FAR 91.413 VFR Certifications

The VFR Transponder test and inspection consist of inspection and functional testing of the radio portion of the ATC Transponder. During these tests the Transponder Frequency, Mode A and C Receiver Sensitivity, Power Output and Side Lobe Suppression are tested in accordance with FAR 91.413.


The aircraft Blind Encoder is not required to be pumped up during this test (the Encoder Pump Up is required to be performed during the IFR Pitot Static Inspection).


However, we still offer this type of service if you need it.

We can test and calibrate most Mode C Encoders.

PSG is authorized to provide initial Transponder

and Encoder Mode C Data Correlation Test

and Certification in accordance with FAR 91.217.


The necessary FAA paperwork is provided

at the time of the technician's visit.

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